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Animal Chiropractic is 100% Natural,

Chemical-Free and Highly Effective!

Chiropractic is a natural health care model that has been around longer than modern medicine!  

Just like people, pets will benefit from pain relief, increased mobility and performance.  

You don’t have to wait for your pet to be in pain before seeking a chiropractic adjustment — All pets will benefit every time an adjustment is administered. Chiropractic for your pet is a smart decision!  

If your pet could talk our language, they would say, “Thanks for taking such great care of me!”

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Dr. Amanda Kremer is AMAZING! She genuinely loves animals and cares about my kitty, Elvis. She helped him have better mobility and feel better. He did so well with her and he never does well at the vet’s office. I highly recommend taking all of your fur babies to Dr. Kremer. Chiropractic care can do wonders! Thank you Dr. Kremer for caring so much!

Belinda S.

Vancouver WA Resident

Serving: Animal Chiropractor Vancouver WA  •  Portland, OR  •  Camas, WA  •
•  Hazel Dell, WA  •  Downtown Vancouver Washington  •  Central Oregon  •  Surrounding Areas

What kind of pet do you have?

Dr. Kremer understands the physical and mental demands placed on these canine athletes, and is honored  to provide their chiropractic support.  Their owners, handlers and trainers have been consistently pleased with the attention she provides to the specific needs of these dogs and with the outcomes of their care.
Hunting and sporting dogs require special care.  Much like human athletes, active dogs will put heavier amounts of wear and tear on their joints and will require chiropractic care to help their bodies perform at their best and prevent musculoskeletal issues in the future.  A wonderful hunting companion deserves the very best care in between outings. Getting them adjusted regularly is a smart and responsible thing to do for them.
Got a lazy dog?  Or, perhaps your pet is highly active.  Just like people, chiropractic care is still a smart decision for both you and your pet!  Chiropractic adjustments help maintain ideal spinal alignment, preventing pre-mature joint destruction and instantly improving mobility.  Your best friend deserves an adjustment today!

Spinal Problem Risk

(without regular chiropractic care)

  • Competitive Activity 70%
  • Sedentary Lifestyle/Obese 80%
  • Predisposed Breed 95%

Wow!  I just heard Dr. Kremer speak and she is amazing and knows her craft!!

Kareen Mills


3 Phases of Care:

It’s always your choice!

Acute Care

This first phase of care is designed to alleviate the unwanted symptoms your pet is experiencing as fast as possible.  However, it’s important to remember that your pet will likely be feeling better long before they actually are.  If the underlying problem is left untreated, symptoms often return.

Corrective Care

Here, we are dedicated to stabilize the underlying problem thereby optimizing your pets health potential.  Symptoms should be kept under control with appropriate animal chiropractic intervention and stabilization.

Maintenance Care

You’ve obtained more than one oil change on your car right?  Without chiropractic care, your pet’s spine will slowly revert back to the condition it was in at the time of initial symptoms.  Periodic, scheduled chiropractic visits will maintain the benefits of your dedication already achieved, preventing a relapse.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it just like human chiropractic?
Animal chiropractic is like human chiropractic in the sense that we target the nervous system to help optimize the body’s ability to heal and support itself.  It is different than human chiropractic in the sense that the animal is generally treated while standing or lying on the floor.  Very rarely are “cracks” or “pops” heard when working with dogs and cats.  The entire process is very gentle and highly effective!  
How long will each visit take?

The initial visit takes about 30 minutes.  Follow-up appointments are 15 minutes long.

What types of animals do you work on?
Dr. Kremer primarily accepts dogs and cats as patients. Occasionally, she will work on horses and other vertebrates such as: alpaca’s, guinea pigs, etc.  
How many visits will it take?
Dr. Kremer asks you to consider committing to three visits initially. After three visits, she will generally have a good idea of how much she will be able to do for your companion and will inform you what is recommended. Continuation of care is highly recommended, but completely up to you.
Will it hurt my pet?
Chiropractic adjustments do not cause pain. However, your animal may need work in an area that is already tender. Dr. Kremer knows this and will be extremely gentle. Occasionally, muscular soreness can occur for a short time after a chiropractic visit – much like the soreness that can be experienced after a massage.  It will reside quickly.
Why should I choose Chiro4Critters?
  Dr. Amanda Kremer, D.C., the founder of Chiro4Critters is one of only a handful of AVCA certified chiropractors in the country! She is an actual board certified chiropractor! It should go without saying that a bonafide chiropractor has an advantage when it comes to chiropractic adjustments. She exclusively practiced on animals for over 3 years, gaining a strong reputation and immense skills and knowledge. You’re simply in great hands with her helping your pet!

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kremer is fast, convenient and easy!

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